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  Pushing the Boundaries of The Action/Adventure Genre

Clever Ties Productions LLC introduces Clever Ties Comics the latest entry into the Fantasy/Action–Adventure/Superhero graphic novel  and it is already positioning itself among the greats of our generation.

Set in USA and featuring a cast of unique characters that, separately, do not seem to have much in common but come together perfectly through brilliant writing and relevant storytelling.  Clever Ties Comics presents the tale of a young boy who, with his superhero powers and an alter ego, The Unknown Force, team up to save the world and his family from falling apart.

Clever Ties Comics begins the story of Brian Michaels, the protagonist of the story, and defines his character well so right away; the audience is introduced to him, his life, and his troubles.  With a brother away at college and living at home with his parents, Brian puts his faith in himself and his friends until one fateful day when he is visited by his alter ego, The Unknown Force. This visit changes his life and the way he interacts with the world around him forever.

As the tale unfolds, we find out what happens to Brian, his family and his friends as they team up to conquer worldly problems while still holding together a somewhat normal home life, or at least Brian’s new version of it.

Main Characters

Brian Michaels

Our protagonist and  our turned superhero. Highly intelligent, 7 years old and the sarcasm abilities of someone far beyond his years.

Adam Blythe

Brian’s best friend, Adam is a smart 10 year old with security issues.

Tommy Stern

The minor antagonist of our story, Tommy is the typical schoolyard bully.

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